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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Last Grade Servants [LGS] Exam Questions and Answers

Last Grade Servants [LGS] Exam Questions and Answers || LGS Exam Expected Questions and Answers || LGS Exam Model Questions and Answers Download

Smallest, Highest, Longest, Deepest, Tallest in the World

Smallest In the World
Smallest Continent  -  Australia
Smallest Ocean -   Arctic Ocean
Smallest Country   - Vatican
Smallest Bird -   Humming Bird
Smallest Flowering Plant -   Wolffia
Smallest Planet -   Mercury
Smallest Museum   - Arizona, US
Smallest PC  -  Space Cube
Smallest Colony -   Gibraltar

Highest in the world:
Highest Mountain Peak -   Mt. Everest
Highest Lake  -  Titicaca, Bolivia
Highest Plateau   - Tibet
Highest Waterfall  -  Angel Falls, Venezuela
Highest Airport  -  Lhasa Airport, Tibet
Highest Railway    Qinghai - Tibet
Highest Railway Station-    Condor Station, Bolivia
Highest Mountain Peak -   Mt. Everest, Nepal
Highest Continent  -  Antarctica
Highest Active Volcano  -  Guayathiri, Chile
Highest Bridge  -  Milau, France
Highest River Bridge-    Royal Gorge, Colorado
Highest Capital City  -  La Paz, Bolivia

Longest In the World:
Longest river   - Nile, Egypt
Longest Road-
Longest Railway Platform    Pan American Highway
Kharagpur, West Bengal
Longest Dam  -  Hirakud, Orissa
Longest Railway Tunnel-    Seikan Rail Tunnel, Japan
Longest Railway Line -   Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia
Longest Ship Canal  -  Suez Canal
Longest Road Tunnel  -  St. Gothard Road Tunnel, Switzerland
Longest Fresh Water Lake    Lake Tanganyika
Longest Wall  -  Great Wall of China
Longest Airport  -  Dallas, USA
Longest Day  -  June 21
Longest Swimming Canal -   English Canal
Deepest in the World
Deepest Ocean -   Pacific Ocean
Deepest Lake -   Lake Baikal, Siberia
Deepest Point in the Ocean  -  Challenger deep of Mariana Trench in Pacific Ocean
Deepest Gorge   - Hell’s Canyon, USA

Tallest in the World
Tallest Minaret  -  Sultan Hassan Mosque, Egypt
Tallest Fountain  -  Fountain Hills, Arizona
Tallest Free Standing Structure  -  CN Tower,Toronto, Canada
Tallest Active Geyser   - Steam Boat Geyser, Yellowstone National Park, USA
Tallest Building -   Burj Khalifa in Dubai
Tallest Tree  -  The Redwood Tree
Tallest Animal -   Giraffe
Tallest Road  -  Khardungla Pass, Leh Manali, India
Tallest Bridge -  Royal Gorge Arkansas, America
Tallest Statue   - Statue of Motherland, USSR
Tallest Railway line -   Quin - Hai – Tibet, China
Tallest Office Building   - Petronas Twin Tower, Kualalumpur, Malaysia

Fastest Land Animal -   Cheetah
Oldest National Flag  -  Denmark
Fastest Bird  -  Swift
Shortest River  - Roe River in Montana
Lowest Point on Earth   - Dead Sea
Most Densely Populated Province    Monacco
Least Populous City   - Vatican
The Oldest Plant -   Rose
The Oldest Capital City  -  Damascus
Most Poisonous Fish -   Puffer fish
Coldest Place   - Vostok, Antarctica
Hottest Planet  -  Venus
Strongest Natural Fibre -   Silk
Lowest Temperature -   Absolute Zero -273 °C
Widest Bridge -   Sydney Harbour Bridge
Busiest Airport   - Chicago O'Hare International Airport
Lowest Mountains -   Bheinna Bhaile
Hottest Region -   North-West Sahara, Azisia, Libya
Fastest Planet  -  Mercury
Coldest Planet  -  Neptune
Widest Waterfall -   Khone Falls
Oldest Religion -   Hinduism
Slowest Animal  -  Snail
Heaviest Rainfall  -  Mawsynram, India
Driest Place   - Death Valley, California
Hottest Place -   Azizia, Libya

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